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Plan your hike properly

A few guidelines for safety and respect! The mountain is a fabulous playground, and in order to ensure the best possible conditions for your activity, find out about the proper way to proceed and the proper equipment to bring.


Four levels of difficulty you should know about

  • Green - Very easy - Walk of less than 2h: ideal for families, along well-kept paths.
  • Blue - Easy - Walk of less than 3h: can be done as a family. Along walking paths with a few less easy sections.
  • Red - Medium - Walk of less than 4h: for people who are used to walking. Sometimes with fairly sporty sections and/or steeper terrain.
  • Black - Difficult - Walk of more than 4h: for experienced, fit hikers. The route is long and/or difficult (steep terrain, tricky sections).


When to hike?

Always check the weather forecast before you go:

Météo France: tel.: 32 50 (€0.34/minute) or

  • During the summer holiday period

The long days allow for long hikes, but beware of heat stroke. Make sure you drink plenty of water: about 5 or 6 sips every 20 minutes, which means at least 1.5 L per person for half a day's walk.

  • In autumn-winter

During the hunting season, from late September to mid-January, do not leave the marked paths, which are all rural paths open to the public (on each side of the path, it's private property). In winter, do not disturb the wildlife. You can look at animal tracks but do not follow them.


4 essential things to remember!

  1. Stay well hydrated: a water flask is the most essential piece of kit in all seasons.
  2. To keep in your pocket: a multi-function pocket knife.
  3. All the better to see with: whether in the mountains or in a nature park, a pair of binoculars.
  4. To help find your way: a flashlight in case you go through a tunnel or cave.

Other: a picnic or, for short walks, a few items of food that will help you reach your goal, especially if there are children with you.